August 20, 2014

Wireless Security Alarms You Can Trust

While the world keeps changing, a few things will always stay the same. tattletale knows we all have people and property that are precious to us. We’ve all got something to protect. It’s something that we’ve spent the last sixteen years perfecting and promoting. tattletale is the leader in wireless security alarms and offers a product none of our competition has managed to rival.

Our patented cell-burst HALO technology has protected the United States Constitution and the tour bus of the Rolling Stones so we understand security alarms. In addition to the instantaneous cellular alarm signals that stream directly to your mobile device for the fastest warning, the tattletale consumer unit is completely wireless and fully portable.

While other wireless security alarms require complex setup procedures, the tattletale is ready to go right out of the box and can be transported anywhere you go. Throw it in your car if you find yourself parking in a questionable lot. Take it with you on vacation to ward your hotel room and personal belongings. Even the fully mobile who travel the highways in trucks and recreational vehicles trust the portability and reliability of the tattletale consumer unit.

Personal security is not just for houses and commercial structures anymore. Now you can take your confidence with you wherever you go.




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