September 4, 2015

Protect Your RV

More and more Americans are taking to the open road on the next great road trip adventure.  Others are camping at parks or race tracks for events and family vacations.  While there are countless ways for us to enjoy the open road and the great outdoors with a quality RV camper, it’s important to account for the rise in theft from RVs.  Campsites and public events are often breeding grounds for theft and property damage.  In order to ensure your family outing isn’t ruined by unwanted intrusion or theft, take some simple safety and security precautions in addition to installing a high quality wireless security alarm.


Remove Temptations

The first step to maintaining the safety of your RV and its contents is to avoid tempting or inviting robbers to what you have.  Keep the shades drawn and windows covered so that people passing by the campsite can’t look inside at what you’ve got to offer.  Don’t leave valuable out in plain view and camp near people you trust, even if you don’t know them.  Being in large numbers reduces the risk that someone will be brave enough to attempt to burglarize anyone in the area.


Park Strategically

Often people with RVs will park them in the most convenient way.  Perhaps you’ll back the RV into the camping spot so that when it’s time to leave, you have a straight shot to pull out.  Unfortunately, this makes it easy for someone to jump in your camper and pull away on their own.  Park your rig in a strategic way so that it isn’t easy to pull away without making a scene.  Use surrounding trees to create a nest for the vehicle that blocks access to windows.


Arm an Alarm

The single most important thing you can do to protect your RV and deter thieves is to install a wireless security alarm system that will inform you instantly if someone trespasses in your RV.   Tattletale uses patented cell burst technology so that the message is sent to you instantaneously when the alarm is triggered. You can get a text or email to your mobile device and hurry back to your camping spot.

Camping and traveling are great American past times that should be enjoyed by the whole family.  But be smart and cautious so that you and your loved ones face no threats to the happiness of your trip.




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