December 4, 2015

Deter That Burglar

Burglars are out there. Chances are you or someone you know has been burgled at least once in your life. The longer it will take the burglar, the more noise he makes or the general hassle of your simple security measures can change a burglar’s mind about whose home to break into.

Here are a few tips to deter that burglar from making you his target:

  • Leave a light on. Leave several lights on. Solar powered lights or lights on a timer work great if you are not at home.
  • Lock all your doors and double-check frequently unused doors from time to time.
  • Lock all of your windows, even the upstairs and basement windows.
  • Reinforce sliding glass doors or weaker doors with a secondary lock or preventive way to open the door.
  • Have two locks on each main door of the house. If you forget to lock one, or one is faulty, you always have a back up.
  • Do not use a hide-a-key in an obvious location. Under the doormat, in the mailbox, and next to the door in a fake rock are all widely known and easy hiding places. Don’t use them.
  • Lock garage doors, fences, or any other areas of your property that can be locked. We sometimes forget that if someone can easily access our backyard, they have a better chance at breaking in. Make sure your property is fully protected.
  • Use common sense when leaving your home for extended periods of time. Examples include, do not make it known you are leaving, have someone pick up your mail or have it stopped, and have a neighbor you trust watch over your property for anything unusual.
  • Most importantly, be smart, be proactive and have a security system for when all else fails. If a burglar wants in, he will get in. The only stopping him then, is your alarm system.

Call tattletale today to speak with a Home Security Specialist and get fully protected.




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