February 20, 2016

Quick, Easy, Effective Security Made for You

Home security doesn’t have to be overtly complicated. The tattletale alarm system provides a new home security: protect everything in your home simply, effectively, and set-up in only 30 seconds. You won’t have to mess with the hassle of cables, wires, and waiting for technicians during installation. The tattletale gives you protection right out of the box.

The tattletale is the top of the line portable security system, take it with you wherever you go. Whether you’re moving to a new apartment, dorm room, or house, or if you’re traveling on a vacation or business trip, you can take your security with you. It is also the perfect solution to construction sites.

To use, simply:

  • Take the tattletale out of the box
  • Plug it into an outlet
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Input your email and cell phone number

Reliable home security is as simple as that. In 30 seconds, you are secure.

The tattletale can target specific areas of your home or RV with the right sensors such as door and window sensors, smoke protectors, and motion sensors. Little-to-no tools are required to install these wireless sensors. Just follow the on-screen instructions to activate your sensors with the touch of a button. The tattletale even has a function for pets, so that they may move around without triggering the alarm. If the device is touched, moved, or tampered with, the tattletale’s Rattlesnake Technology will alert you. A key fob and an app allow you to arm, disarm, or activate a panic alarm when necessary.

The tattletale has revolutionized the way you protect what’s important to you. Learn more now.




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