March 19, 2016

Wireless Alarm Benefits

Many hardwired systems will rely on one plastic phone cord in order to send out alarm signals, but not our wireless alarms.


The only thing burglars need to disarm expensive hardwired alarm systems are a pair of scissors.

It doesn’t make you feel that safe, does it? Also, wireless alarm systems are very versatile.  Here are 5 benefits of wireless security systems:


Put Sensors Anywhere

With a hardwired system, it may be difficult to place motion detectors right where you require them. Occasionally, it just isn’t possible to run a wire within the right area. Wireless sensors will be different. Since there isn’t any drilling or wires to deal with, it’s possible to put them right where you require them. You even can place sensors in areas in which burglars least suspect to find them, such as inside a jewelry box, drawer or cabinet.


Track Snoopers

A wireless security system may connect to a computer or smartphone for simple remote monitoring. It makes it simple to keep track of snoopers. Do you have a feeling that your houseguest or roommate is snooping around the house? Some systems allow you to set private alerts upon certain sensors. For instance, it’s possible to put a sensor on the bedroom door. If a sensor is triggered as you are away, you immediately will receive a text alert or private email. Even if nobody is snooping in the room, setting alerts allow you to know if somebody has gotten inside your personal safe, gun cabinet, or additional sensitive place in your residence.


The Only Option for Renters

A wireless alarm system is the ideal option for renters. There isn’t any messy holes or drilling in the wall. Therefore, you do not need to be concerned with losing your security deposit merely to keep your property protected. As you are prepared to move, take your system with you! It just takes a couple of minutes to set up or take down wireless systems. If you’re able to hang a photo on the wall, you may put in wireless security systems.


Outbuildings, Detached Garages, and Burglar-Proof Sheds

Most people have detached garages, sheds, or additional outbuildings which require protection. These places often are out of the range of a hardwired security system. As batteries power wireless sensors within wireless systems, they may be put into places in which there isn’t any electrical accessibility. You may develop a security system from scratch in order to protect all structures in your residence.


Protect Your Mobile Home or RV

Most traditional home security providers will not service RVs or mobile homes. Therefore, if you travel or live in an RV or mobile home, wireless security systems are no-fuss ways to protect your home and family.

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