August 24, 2016

Staying Safe While Traveling: Wireless Alarm Components

A wireless alarm system may prevent burglary at your residence and decrease the odds of intruders entering your home while traveling. Many of these systems operate via a combination of contacts put at the different doors and windows of the home. tattletale wireless systems are effective in sensing when a window or door is ajar, as the motion sensors will detect the movement of an individual around and in the house.


Security Alarm System Components

Wireless alarm systems are composed of many important parts which play a vital part in safeguarding your belongings and home. Let us take a look at them:

1. Window and Door Contacts: They sound the alarm as a door or window is ajar as the system is activated.

2. A Sensory Motion Detector: It’ll detect changes inside an area or room caused by the presence of individuals or an individual. Special kinds of motion detectors are utilized for homes which contain pets.

3. Alarm or Siren: It becomes activated as soon as a sensory motion detector or contact sends a signal.

4. The Control Panel: It’ll house the backup battery and is attached to the phone lines in the instance of monitored security alarm systems. It’s the panel in which all of the system wiring will end.

5. Keypad: It’s utilized for de-arming or arming your security system.

6. Central Monitoring Station: It’s continuously armed and will receive alert messages sent by the security system that’s installed in your house. The individual manning the station informs the home owner and if that isn’t possible, calls the fire station or police. The feature is obtainable on a month-to-month chargeable basis.

Some more parts or features may be added to wireless alarm systems, depending upon your needs. They involve:

– Glass Break Detectors
– Smoke Detectors
– Pressure mats for underneath rugs
– TVs or closed circuit cameras to permit monitoring outside and inside the residence

So if you want to secure your house against unwanted intruders and burglaries, choose a quality wireless alarm system from our top security company providing wireless security alarms at reasonable prices.

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