The Portable, Wireless Alarm System That Is Perfect For Your Apartment!

For too long, people living in dorms or apartments have been ignored by home security companies. Often due to restrictions in leases, renters are limited to modifications to the living space they are renting. Also, someone in a leasing situation would not want to make a large investment into a system they would only use for a short period of time and then have to leave it behind. Our do it yourself alarm for apartments is the perfect solution for anyone in any type of temporary/rental living situation – be it a rental townhouse, condo or apartment of any size.

After being neglected by the security alarm industry, students in dorms and other types of rental dwellings now have a viable option when it comes to protecting their valuables.   No longer do they need to rely on the less than adequate security systems that are in operation in many dorm and apartment complexes.  With this usual lack of security, televisions, laptops, and tablets were often at risk when you left the premises.  tattletale is the perfect home security system for apartments and dorms. It can be quickly and easily moved from one location to another as many times as you want, while still providing the highest level of protection.

The tattletale can be placed anywhere inside or outside of an apartment that needs the ultimate in protection. Be it the lives of your family members, visiting guests, or even family pets; you are covered in situations that may even include a disruption in power or land line based telephone services, due to criminal activities, man-made or natural disasters.
Outsmart criminals by utilizing the apartment security system equipped with the latest, most reliable and safest technology. tattletale offers alarms that feature important security advances that keep you as safe as possible. Our cellular technology ensures that emergency situation signals get through, even if phone line communications have been disabled or the lights go out.

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