Construction Site Device

There are many acts that could occur at you job/construction site that could raise serious concerns: fires, unauthorized entry, vandalism, materials & tool theft, and more. Often, it is not practical or cost effective to have personal there to stop the daily threat your construction site faces before severe damage is done. Your solution is the tattletale wireless jobsite security alarm system, protecting and alerting you when security matters arise at your construction site. The tattletale key fob gives construction and workplace contractors the ability to remotely activate and monitor up to 48 outdoor movement/vibration sensors, indoor motion detectors or cable break sensors devices located on site.

Should an unwelcomed visitor try to enter a secured work area, disturb a piece of valuable equipment or remove an electronic sensor, a wireless signal is sent to the tattletale base unit, activating the alarm and sending a message via wireless cellular technology to your security personnel or yourself. Wireless means there are no phone lines to be cut.

By building a tamper proof virtual fence or barrier around or inside your remote mobile office or valuable equipment and/or materials, tattletale uses our specially designed wireless sensors to detect unauthorized entry, smoke, heat, loss of power and low battery voltage. Should an intruder trigger an alarm, the system will quickly send text and email alerts to you and up to five other people every time the system detects an emergency security situation.

Since your tattletlale wireless system is portable, a worker with minor installation skills can easily relocate the base unit and sensors to a different jobsite, making it cost effective and practical. In a few simple steps you can have your construction site alarm system up and running with a half mile of perimeter protection, with the ability to secure your site against all intrusion, property, and environmental damage.

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