Dorm Room Alarms

Dorm Room Alarms

tattletale portable security systems use cellular networks for monitoring and alarms. This makes it is perfect for students in a dorm or off-campus housing because you can take it with you.

There's no wiring, no complicated installation process; whether you live on-campus in a dormitory or off-campus in an apartment when you move you can take it with you.

Need to protect your things when you travel? tattletale's got that covered, too. tattletale works anywhere there's a 3G cellular network.

In order to arm one of our tattletale wireless alarms, simply plug it into a standard electrical socket (it has a 20 hour battery backup built right in), enter your credentials, and you're protected. This easy install makes tattletale the most convenient DIY alarm system available.

Due to it's portability, ease-of-use and reliability tattletale is rapidly becoming the security system of choice for dorm rooms at universities all over the country. Its simplicity makes it easy to set up where ever you need it, while still giving it the strength to protect your safety and belongings.

tattletale is the ultimate telling machine.

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