Hotel Room Alarms

tattletale portable security systems use 3G cellular networks for monitoring and alarms. This makes it is perfect for protection while traveling. Whether in a hotel, a motel or even a train car, your tattletale is the ideal portable alarm system.

Planning a trip to Vegas?

Your tattletale will stand vigilant guard over your winnings.

Traveling on business?

tattletale will ensure the integrity of of your work and your privacy.

tattletale alarm systems are small enough and light enough that you can easily take them with you wherever they are needed.

In order to arm one of our tattletale wireless alarms, simply plug it into a standard electrical socket (it has a 20 hour battery backup built right in), enter your credentials, and you're protected. This easy install makes tattletale the most convenient DIY alarm system available.

Due to it's portability, ease-of-use and reliability tattletale is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for portable security systems in hotels nationwide.