Job Site Securitytattletale proctected worksite

It’s easy with a tattletale a Portable Alarm System. Add up-to 500 wireless sensors per base unit at any time. Shotgun blasts, sledgehammer attacks, power outages, and even 3 tornadoes haven’t stopped a tattletale for over 20 years. Bring immediate security to any job site.


Utility Perimeter Security

tattletale perimeter alarm for utility

Protecting substations is easy with a tattletale Portable Alarm System. Give each sensor a specific name and you and the National Monitoring Center will know which sensor was tripped the moment the alarm signal is sent. Connect to existing systems with SCADA technology.



School Security Alarmstattletale perimeter alarm for School

tattletale’s 3000′ wireless range allows for panic pendants to protect teachers and students anywhere on campus during the day. Protect your campus at night with easy-to-use outdoor sensors.


Church Security Alarm

tattletale perimeter alarm for churchINSTANTLY DEPLOYABLE fully customizable to meet your church’s safety protocol. Pendants can be named so responders know exactly where it was activated.


Storage Yard Security

JUST PLUG IT IN ANDtattletale perimeter alarm for storage yard PROTECT YOUR ENTIRE FACILITY INSTANTLY!
tattletale requires no installation. Fully customize to meet the needs of your facility. Individual sensors report their status and location telling authorities exactly where they are on your lot.


No Wires, No Contracts!

woman with phone headset on24/7 police, fire & medical monitoring w/mobile alerts $70/MO.

Text/email monitoring $40/MO.

Remote Arm and Disarm

In the case of an alarm event, you will be notified by email and/or text message you also have the ability to remotely arm and disarm your system from our website.