System Control

Putting your tattletale to work

Accessing your menus

Accessing Your Menus

Home screen: Press 5 for More and enter your 4-digit pin, the main menu will appear

Pin screen:

Main Menu: Contains a scrolling list of all basic control functions, click on the function below that you would like to learn about

ARM (All Instant)

Arm all instant eliminates delay entry time to disarm your system, all trip senors will set off alarm immediately.

Review Log

The Review log function provides a chronicalogical list of changes, events that have occurred with your tattletale system.

These include but are not limited to:

External power events, Enrollment and deletion of sensors, automatic tests

Chime Off

If Chime is in on position any open sensor will sound an audible chime. In the off position any open senor will be silent.

Send Test

A cellular radio communication check in with tattletale dashboard, assuring system is functioning properly.

Change Your Pin

Allows you to change your tattletale master pin as users may change over time


Setup menu: Contains a scrolling list of functions to add or delete:

System Items

Reports: There are multiple reports available to provide the detaliled information you need. Highlight the report you want to recieve and press enter. Report options are listed below:

  • Fire Alarms
  • Medical Alarms
  • Police Panics
  • Burglary Alarms
  • Evironmental Alarms
  • Sensor Bypasses
  • Area Arming
  • Area Disarming
  • Test Messages
  • Trouble Conditions
  • Alarm/Tamper Restorals
  • Trouble Restorals
  • Manual Base Alarms
  • Early Warning Alerts

After selcting the reports you want to recieve choose who you want to recieve them.

Advanced Setting

Advanced Settings: Is where you go to turn various base functions on and off.
The most frequently used functions are listed below:

Select Miscellaneous Features turn on or off the following functions

-Built-in Motion On

-Rattlesnake On

Rattlesnake is your base unit tamper proof function

-Entry Rattlesnake Only

Tamper proof function only works in entry delay. Rattlesnake must be on.

-Allow Keyfob Instant

Arms system in instant mode.

-Use Cell as Primary Channel

-Chirp Siren On Chime

-Siren Timer In Minutes

-Silent Entry Delay

-Disable Key Clicks

To enable a feature “Press 1” to put a check mark in the selected box then press “enter”. To disable a feature “Press 5” to remove a check mark from a selcted box.

Burg/Police/Holdup Siren/Strobe screen allows you to turn on and off your siren and strobe light.

-Local Siren On

-Remote Siren/Strobe On

-Local Strobe On

-Arm/Disarm Chirps On

Medical Environmental Siren/Strobe screen allows you to turn on and off your siren and strobe light.

-Local Siren On

-Remote Siren/Strobe On

-Local Strobe On

Audio Reporting setup controls all function associated with the tattletale walkie talkie broadcast function

-Audio Playback Repeat

Controls how many times you would like the prerecorded message to be repeated

-Radio Key Delay

Controls the number of seconds between the time the radio is keyed and the time that the message is played

-Max Audio Reports

Controls the number of messages that can be broadcast during an event with multiple panic button pushes.

-Lockout Period

Controls the amount of time after an event that the walkie talkie are kept open for first respon use.

-Update Audio Files

Allows you to upload prerorded files from the tattletale app.

The system can be set to auto arm itself but must be manually disarmed

-Set Base 2+4 Key Panic

-Set Base 7+9 Key Panic

-Cross Groups

-Rattlesnake level

-Technition Menu

– Relay 2 Sprinkler Gate Sensor

-Mult-Function Sensor Setup


Contact your tattletale service representative at 888.TELL.ON.U

System Name

Give your system a unique identifier, this is especially useful when you have multiple systems.

Entry Time

Control the time alotted to get from entry to your base unit to disarm before alarm is triggered

Exit Time

Allocate amount of time needed to arm base unit and vacate the premises.

Siren Time

Control amount of time siren will audibly sound.

Autotest Time

Set the number of times you want the system to check in with the tattletales dashboard.

Setup Repeaters

Enroll boosters into base unit.

Set Backlight

Adjusts the screen backlight intensity.

Number of PIN Digits

Customize the number of digits you want in your PIN number.

Set Duress PIN

Special pin used in emergencies only.

Power Down

Cord must be unplugged from base unit prior to powering down.

Remote Program

For tattletale use only.

Default All Settings

For tattletale technical use only.

Update System Firmware

For tattletale technical use only.