Wireless Alarms

Since tattletale relies on cellular technology to notify the authorities of trouble taking place, there are no wires that could be cut that would disrupt protection.  tattletale is a wireless alarm with all of its advanced technology self-contained.  Our tamperproof design results in continual security for you and your place of residence.

With no wires needed to tap into your home's structure, your tattletale is tamperproof and incredibly easy to install, making this unit very attractive to those that are renting or leasing residential or commercial property.  In order to quickly arm one of our tattletale wireless alarms, simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet, enter a small amount of information, and you are protected.  This easy install makes tattletale the most effective DIY alarm system available.  tattletale truly has changed how powerful a do-it-yourself home alarm system can be.

With its wireless alarm capabilities, tattletale is one of the most reliable home alarm systems you can buy.  Its simplicity makes it easy enough for anyone to install, while still giving it the strength to protect your entire apartment or home.  tattletale is the wireless home alarm system that provides the highest security in one simple package.

A "no wires" design allows you to upgrade and expand with ease, allowing for flexible sensor integration. No more crawling through the attic or drilling into the window or door frames. Adding additional smoke, motion, window and door sensors is a snap.

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Wireless Protection That Is Easy To Install

The tattletale can be placed anywhere inside or outside of the location that you need immediate protection: your home, apartment, hotel room, dorm room, and even a remote work site. Should the task on hand is to protect the lives of your family members, valuable construction site equipment, or the building materials left unsupervised at a remote job-site; you are covered, even when a disruption in power or land line based telephone connectivity arises.

Tattletale is the solution for those that that have no need for a complicated or costly security system and is the perfectly simple do-it-yourself security alarm product that can cost-effectively detect, alert, and scare off burglars and intruders.

tattletale is the best of the wireless alarms on the market. From it's 30 second set up, to it's unbeatable Rattlesnake Technology, tattletale is the best way to stay safe.

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