Imagine Undefeatable Portable Security

Cellular portable security systems. No cell charges. No contracts. Starting at $20.95/mo

High Performance tattletale

3000' perimeter • protects 800,000 sq. ft.

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500' perimeter • protects 10,000 sq. ft.

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Plug it in, problem solved.


30 second set up with no installation, security has never been easier


 tattletale is a complete alarm system in a box, and will protect you wherever you go


 tattletale is completely sealed and tamper-proof, and has remained undefeated for 18 years

Made & Invented

tattletale stands for products invented and made in America

Real Estate / Property Manager

I flip houses for a living in California. This product surpassed my expectations! No false alarms, easy set up.

Real Estate / Property Manager

I have had 2 other alarm systems in the past 15 years and this is the best. It is easy to learn and the size is very convenient.

RV Enthusiast and Traveler Steven J's Headshot Photograph

I didn't have to go anywhere for my TT to protect my RV. While parked in front of my house the night before a trip, someone tried to break in and my TT scared them off.

RV Enthusiast / Traveler

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