tattletale wireless alarm

The tattletale protects right out of the box.

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Included With YOUR Unit:

1 Key Fob

Add Any Plug and Play Accessory to Create Ultimate Security:

Motion Sensor

The wireless Indoor Motion detector is a quad element PIR (passive infrared) with a maximum detection range of 50 feet x 100 degegree field of view....

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Door & Window Sensor

The wireless Door/Window sensor is designed to protect doors and windows. The sensor can be used as an instant or delay zone. It can be placed up to 300 feet away ...

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Smoke Detector

The wireless Smoke Detector can be placed up to 300 feet away from the tattletale base unit. It uses photoelectric technology to detect smoke ...

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Key Fob

Use the key fob to arm your tattletale from anywhere within its 300' perimeter. Arm your perimeter sensors with the home button...

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Glass Break Sensor

The wireless Glass Break Detector is a two-stage detector designed to detect the "thud" of an object hitting the glass, and the breaking of glass...

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