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Security System Rental

tattletale Security System Rental

Got a Problem? Get a tattletale.

We’ll deliver the right tattletale security system to eliminate your problem instantly, you pay just one low monthly fee (including full central monitoring service). When the problem is gone just send back. Our security system rental program is that simple - no contracts, no obligation, pay only for the protection you need!

Central Station Monitoring


The tattletale Pro offers remote arm/disarm capabilities, putting you in command even from a distance. When triggered, our dedicated operators promptly reach out to your designated contacts and can efficiently dispatch emergency services to your location.

Seamlessly manage your security system remotely through our user-friendly website or EDGE app for mobile devices. Receive immediate notifications via email or text, granting you the ability to take charge and arm or disarm your system from wherever you are.

Stay connected, stay protected. With our professional-grade security measures, your peace of mind is our commitment. Experience the reassurance of total control over your security, tailored for your convenience and safety.

Real-Time Monitoring and Instant Alerts


Secure peace of mind with the tattletale EDGE app. Our innovative technology provides real-time monitoring and instant alerts, ensuring continuous protection for your home, business, or valuables. With a user-friendly interface and wireless convenience, stay connected and in control wherever you are.

You Can’t Stop a tattletale

With a wide range of features, including real-time alerts, remote access, and 24/7 professional monitoring, tattletale’s pro security systems are the ultimate choice for those seeking a reliable and user-friendly security solution for their property.

The Right Rental Package for the Right Mission

Pay for only the protection you need with tattletale’s security system rental packages. Choose the package with the right number of sensors and then mix and match them from our 3 sensor options to customize the coverage for your unique mission. 

Basic Package

Includes central station monitoring
(+1) Sensor Included

Includes a base unit, remote control, and +1 sensor, coupled with 24/7 central monitoring.


Advanced Package

Includes central station monitoring
(+4) Sensors Included

Includes a base unit, remote control, and +4 sensors, coupled with 24/7 central monitoring.


Pro Package

Includes central station monitoring
(+8 Sensors Included

Includes a base unit, remote control, and +8 sensors, coupled with 24/7 central monitoring.


Build Your Own

Includes central station monitoring
+ up to 15 Sensors

Add $100/month per motion sensor or Borderguard, $80/month for each Rate of rise or water level sensor. Mix up to 15 sensors, with 24/7 monitoring.


Choose the Right Sensors For the Right Job.

All tattletale sensors are wireless and weather-proof, and operate up to 2,000ft. from the tattletale base. All tattletale motion sensors employ dual beam technology to avoid false alarms.

90° outdoor motion sensor

Provides 90° of protection at a range of 40ft.

180° outdoor motion sensor

Provides 180° of protection at a range of 40ft.


Think of it as a section of invisible fencing 80ft. long

Rate of rise heat detector

Detects temperature rise of more than 15° per minute indicating a potential fire.

Water level sensor

Know you have water before it becomes a problem.

Wireless signal booster

Extends range up to an additional 2000ft*. *2000ft. of range is based on an unobstructed environment, obstructions like walls and equipment can reduce range.

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