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An all-in-one security system built into a single portable device.

The most powerful security system
ever built is now portable!

Experience the tattletale Pro's patented Ambush-Proof® technology, made in the USA, providing 24/7 system access via the Edge app without any contracts.

Introducing the tattletale Pro

Your comprehensive security fortress designed to safeguard your entire site instantly from threats like theft, fire, and water damage. With Ambush-Proof technology, a vast 4000 ft. wireless range, and the capability to monitor up to 450 sensors, this all-in-one portable security system is unparalleled in its protection, covering a staggering 12.5 million square feet. Experience peace of mind through comprehensive central station monitoring, providing continuous vigilance and prompt dispatch of police and EMS, while simultaneously sending you timely alerts and notifications. This unbeatable device offers instant deployment and a complete security system built into one portable unit, allowing you to stay informed about what’s happening 24/7, regardless of your location.

Complete Site Protection

Instantly shield your entire site from theft, fire, and water damage. This comprehensive system ensures round-the-clock security coverage, spanning an impressive 12.5 million square feet, providing unmatched protection for your property.

Central Station Monitoring

Benefit from full central station monitoring that includes prompt dispatch of police and EMS. Stay informed 24/7 with text alerts, ensuring immediate action in case of any detected threats or emergencies.

Portability and Instant Deployment

A complete portable security system in one unbeatable device, offering instant deployment. With hassle-free installation that takes as little as 30 seconds, simply move and install it wherever protection is needed—no complex installations or wiring are required. Just plug it in, and it's instantly safeguarding your space.

Ambush-Proof Technology

Rely on the cutting-edge Ambush-Proof technology, ensuring that your security system remains robust and resistant to attempts at tampering or bypassing.

Substantial Wireless Reach

With a wireless range spanning 4000 feet, this system ensures extensive coverage, allowing you to monitor a wide area without compromising on security.

Extensive Sensor Monitoring

Monitor up to 450 sensors, providing you with the flexibility to customize and tailor your security system according to your specific needs and the layout of your property.

ONE tattletale 12.5 MILLION sq. ft. OF PROTECTION

Real-Time Monitoring and Instant Alerts


Secure peace of mind with the tattletale EDGE app. Our innovative technology provides real-time monitoring and instant alerts, ensuring continuous protection for your home, business, or valuables. With a user-friendly interface and wireless convenience, stay connected and in control wherever you are.

Tattletale is Always With You.

Step into the forefront of security evolution with the tattletale Pro – a guardian, fortified against intrusion and disruption. Its patented Ambush-Proof® technology guarantees that your peace of mind is non-negotiable, delivering unparalleled protection with each passing moment. The tattletale Pro is your shield against the unknown. Embrace the future of safeguarding what matters most – where innovation meets assurance, and every second counts.



Churches, above all, should be protected from the dangers of the outside world, and with church security systems from tattletale®, they are.

Construction Site

Protect your construction site with tattletale's wireless security system. Instant alerts, fire, water, and theft protection. Get peace of mind today.


Safeguard your school with tattletale's wireless security system. Instant alerts, no contracts, and 25 years of proven protection for just $999.

Portable Perimeter

Stay protected on the go with tattletale's Portable Perimeter Alarm System. Ambush-Proof® tech, 24/7 access, and 25 years of unbeaten security.


tattletale's Security System Rental program offers full monitoring, instant alerts, and user-friendly control for a low monthly fee. No contracts, no obligations.

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tattletale Pro


A complete portable security system with everything you need built into one box.

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