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School Security Alarms

School Security Alarms

Panic Buttons Save Lives

School security alarms have never been easier. Empower staff with panic buttons that deploy local authorities in 0.3 seconds. Give students a worry-free learning environment when help is only one button away.

Protect Your School for $999

Can your school security alarms keep you safe from active shooter events?

School Security Alarms
Unbeatable PRO™ School Security Alarms
School Security Alarms
Wireless Alarm Panic Keychain Pendant


Plug & Play

Plug and play technology makes using tattletale easy. Sync up-to 500 wireless sensors with Unbeatable PRO™ to get up and running in no-time.

why tattletale?


Undefeated Security Since ’98

tattletale school security alarms don’t stop until students are safe. Get the only alarm troublemakers can never disarm.

Use Anywhere On Campus

Get maximum protection at minimal cost.

Cost Effective Cord-Cutting

Alarm systems cost less when you don’t have to rewire the whole school. Free-up critical funds and bring good news to your next budget meeting.

24/7 Rapid Response Monitoring

Sync up-to 500 sensors to watch for motion, broken glass, smoke, water levels, and more.

I doubt if anyone gets away with breaking into my home because I got a tattletale and it works! 👏🏾

– CMI Trucking

I sleep good at night knowing I’m protected and the service at tattletale is awesome.

– Shannon Wolfe

Easily meets the need of any real estate investor or developer when electricity is not available.

– Terry M.

Great system. Excellent value and love the fact that we can move it with us if needed.

– Darryl Bishop

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