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Construction Site Security System

Construction Site Security System

Protect your assets and safeguard against theft with a tattletale® construction site security system. Construction sites are not only packed with valuable assets but also filled with potential dangers. Contractors often prioritize guarding against construction theft, but comprehensive construction site security system must extend beyond theft alone. Safeguarding against fire and water damage is equally critical. 

The base unit of our job site security system can speak to up to 450 portable indoor and outdoor wireless sensors up to a 2-mile halo of protection. Protect your equipment from fire and water damage with our water, temperature, humidity, and rate of rise sensors. Get instant notifications to your phone in the event of water incursion, mold conditions, freezing, or signs of fire. 

Construction Site Security System
Construction Site Security System

The Tattletale Pro® construction site security system is smart, sealed, and Ambush-Proof® and provides instant protection. We’re American-made and have been undefeated for 25 years. Rest easy knowing your job site is protected by the best.

Real-Time Monitoring Construction Site Security System and Instant Alerts


Secure peace of mind with the tattletale EDGE app and our construction site security system. Our innovative technology provides real-time monitoring and instant alerts, ensuring continuous protection for your home, business, or valuables. With a user-friendly interface and wireless convenience, stay connected and in control wherever you are.

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Unrivaled Wireless Security

Enjoy wireless alarm systems for hassle-free security. Our advanced tech ensures seamless connectivity and ease of use, freeing you from wires and installation hassles for a flexible and secure space.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

Feel secure with 24/7 alarm monitoring and support. Our dedicated team ensures continuous surveillance and immediate help during emergencies, providing you peace of mind around the clock.

Customizable Security Solutions

Customize your security with our adaptable solutions. From adjustable sensors to personalized monitoring plans, our systems flex to meet your unique needs. Get tailored security for what matters most to you.

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A complete portable security system with everything you need built into one box.



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