Unbeatable American Made Security

Portable cellular security systems. No cell charges. No contracts. Starting at $20.95/mo

High Performance tattletale

3000' perimeter • protects 800,000 sq. ft.

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tattletale Portable Alarm System

500' perimeter • protects 10,000 sq. ft.

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tattletale Portable Cellular Security Systems

Plug it in, problem solved.

tattletale Portable Cellular Security System sets up in only 30 seconds!


tattletale sets up in under 30 seconds, that's the power of portable cellular security.

tattletale is the world's first unbeatable portable cellular security system.


 tattletale uses the fastest cellular alarm signal, powered by Verizon.


 tattletale is completely sealed and tamper-proof, and has remained undefeated for 18 years.

American Made

tattletale Portable Alarm Systems are proudly made in Westerville, Ohio.

David M, Superintendent

We had a break-in at a trailer in our job site, and the police responded within a matter of 4 minutes, and caught the perpetrators in the act.

Mark S, Property Manager

I flip houses for a living in California. I love my tattletale! It sets up so quickly, I use it to protect every house I'm working on while I'm away.


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