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Portable Perimeter Alarm System

State-of-the Art Portable Perimeter Alarm System

Wireless RV Portable Perimeter Alarm System

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you should go without a high-quality security system to protect your family. With tattletale’s wireless portable perimeter alarm system, you are protected wherever you go. Arm your RV so you can sleep in peace, hook one up in your vacation rental to warn you of fires or set them up at a job site to protect against theft. No matter what, you can remain secure with this highly portable perimeter alarm.

Our portable alarm system is equipped with our patented Ambush-Proof® technology and offers 24/7 system access on your smartphone or tablet through the Edge app. Features include a warning strobe, a 115-decibel siren, a 15-hour battery backup that will keep you protected even if your power is cut, and more. Enjoy complete peace of mind no matter where you are.


With a quick and easy setup in any situation, the American-made portable perimeter alarm system from tattletale® protects what you care about most. We have remained undefeated for 25 years — find out why when you secure your property with a tattletale system.

Secure peace of mind with the tattletale EDGE app and our portable perimeter alarm system. Our innovative technology provides real-time monitoring and instant alerts, ensuring continuous protection for your home, business, or valuables. With a user-friendly interface and wireless convenience, stay connected and in control wherever you are.

Unrivaled Wireless Security

Enjoy wireless alarm systems for hassle-free security. Our advanced tech ensures seamless connectivity and ease of use, freeing you from wires and installation hassles for a flexible and secure space.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

Feel secure with 24/7 alarm monitoring and support. Our dedicated team ensures continuous surveillance and immediate help during emergencies, providing you peace of mind around the clock.

Customizable Security Solutions

Customize your security with our adaptable solutions. From adjustable sensors to personalized monitoring plans, our systems flex to meet your unique needs. Get tailored security for what matters most to you.

tattletale Pro

A complete portable security system with everything you need built into one box.

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