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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to team tattletale!

Please review the quickstart guide below

Step 1: Download the EDGE™ application for iPhone or Android, or visit edge.tattletale.com to register and activate your system.

The EDGE app enables you to activate your tattletale 24/7. Find the activation code in your box and follow the steps in the app to complete the activation process.

Step 2: Plug It In

Connect the power cord and plug in the base unit.

Step 3: Initial Setup

After it’s powered on, follow the prompts below in bold.

This is a do-it-yourself portable alarm system: Press [3] to agree.
Create 4-digit master code: Type a 4-digit master code and press [enter].
Name your system: Give your tattletale a name and press [enter].
Enter mobile phone #: Type your phone number and press [enter].
Enter email address: Type your email and press [enter].
Activate keychain remote: Press the reset button on the inside of your remote OR enter the 8-digit serial number labeled on the case to activate your remote.

That’s it!

Keypad Basic
Number & Letters

Press once to enter a number. Press more than once to enter the symbols associated with each number. For example, press [0] once to enter “0” and three times to enter “@”.

Press [1] to arm your tattletale.

Press [3] to turn off the alarm.

Press [5] to access system settings.

Arrows & Enter

Press the left arrow to go back to the previous screen or backspace when entering text.

Press [enter] to select menu items.

Press the down arrow to navigate menus or use it to act as a spacebar when entering text.

Press the up arrow to navigate through the menu or enable/disable caps lock when entering text.

Accessing Menus

Press [5] More to access Advanced Settings. Follow the tree below to locate specific actions.

add or remove users

enter master code
enter user name
add – edit – delete
create user code
add – edit – delete
enter user phone
add – edit – delete
enter user email
add – edit – delete
grant user access
– arm/disarm
– able to bypass
access to all areas
– full system access

system controls

arm all/instant1
review all sensors
– tripped sensors2
send test3
change master code
entry time4
exit time5
power down6
set duress code7
default all settings8
chime on/off
set back light9
number of code digits10
base vibration tamper on/off
siren on/off
warning strobe on/off

add or remove sensors

press reset button or
enter 8 digit serial #
sensor location
sensor type
select instant or delay
name sensor
press reset button or
enter 8 digit serial #
booster name

event history/reports

area arm12
area disarm13
power event15
test message16
sensor bypass17
trouble conditions18
tamper restore19
trouble resore all20
manual base panic21
early warning alarms22
police panic25
1. Set tattletale to sound the instant a sensor is tripped.
2. Check the status on all sensors.
3. Run a cell radio communication check.
4. Set the amount of time you have to disarm before the alarm sounds.
5. Set the amount of time given to exit the building after the alarm is set.
6. Turn off or reboot the base unit.
7. Assign duress codes to users.
8. Factory reset tattletale to its default settings.
9. Adjust backlight display intensity.
10. Don’t feel comfortable with a 4-digit code? Add 2 digits to your master code.
11. View burglary sensor and police events.
12. View specific area arming history.
13. View area disarming history.
14. View water and temperature sensor events.
15. View power interruption events.
16. View cell radio communication checks.
17. View temporary sensor deactivation.
18. View low battery and out of range sensors.
19. View sensors being tampered with and corrected.
20. View trouble conditions being corrected.
21. View base unit panic activations.
22. Check outdoor perimeter protection.
23. View fire sensor and fire department events.
24. View medical panic and EMS events.
25. View police department events.
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