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Smoke Detector PRO™


The tattletale High Performance Smoke Detector can be placed up to 1000ft away from the tattletale base unit. When used with our High Performance Wireless Signal Booster, add an additional up to 1000′ per booster. It uses photoelectric technology to detect smoke and uses an integrated fixed 135F temperature rate-of-rise sensor to detect heat. The tattletale base unit does not need to be armed for the smoke detector to report an event. The supervised sensor monitors its own sensitivity and operational status and will notify the tattletale of an alarm event, low battery, lost signal & tamper.


  • Easy and Instant DIY Installation
  • Completely Wireless
  • Security system does not need to be armed to create fire alarm
  • 24/7 Fire Monitoring Available
  • Easily add to security system at any time

Smoke Detector PRO Tech Sheet

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