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Wireless Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector


The tattletale® high-performance wireless heat detector is a USA-made and invented solution designed to send an alarm when the temperature reaches 190 degrees Fahrenheit. The wireless heat detector will also send an alert when it detects a 10-degree change in temperature within a 60-second period. Such a rapid rise in temperature is indicative of a fire or other temperature-related emergency.


Wireless Heat Detector

As part of the tattletale® wireless heat detector system, this sensor can be used in conjunction with our other devices to provide around-the-clock oversight of your facilities. The wireless heat detector can send a fire alarm notification whether the tattletale® security system is armed or disarmed, provided you are taking advantage of our monitoring services.

Traditional fire alarm systems rely on smoke and temperature detection capabilities. As a result, they are prone to throwing false alarms, especially when deployed in dusty work environments. 

The tattletale® wireless heat detector offers unbeatable reliability and mitigates the chances of a false alarm, as it only relies on temperature changes to detect a fire. You can install it in dusty environments, including manufacturing facilities, workshops, active construction sites, or anywhere else that you want to protect from the dangers of fire.

The tattletale® temperature sensor is completely wireless, offering an easy and instant DIY installation. Setting up a sensor really is effortless, as you’ll simply need to pick a location, affix the device to the wall or ceiling, and connect it to the monitoring system. In minutes, you can help everyone stay safe.

Rate-of Rise PRO Tech Sheet

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