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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my tattletale instantly be activated after submitting this form?


We currently process all forms between 8am – 6pm Monday through Friday EST.

After submitting your Activation Form, we will process your information at our Headquarters as soon as possible.

For Full Central Station Monitoring accounts, our monitoring center may take 1-2 hours to activate your system. You will also receive a Welcome Call from them when they are finished activating your system.

What is a Verbal Password?

A verbal password is what you will establish to verify your identity with tattletale operators.

If you need to request or cancel dispatch, make changes to your account, or program your tattletale, we will need your verbal password to authorize these actions.

What does Unit Location mean?

Your Unit Location is the premise address that your tattletale is protecting. This is the address where you would want authorities dispatched to, if applicable.

What does Call Order mean?

Call Order is in reference to customers with Central Station Monitoring.

In case of an alarm event, select how you wish for operators to respond.

  • Your contact list, then dispatch
  • Dispatch, then your contact list
  • Your contact list only

What if I don’t know my local Police or Fire Department numbers?

If you do not know this information, you can leave these sections blank and our monitoring center will generate the correct contact numbers according to your Unit Location.

If you have a special request for a specific agency, please list their number here.

Do I need a Permit Number?

Certain cities and municipalities may require you to obtain a permit for a nominal fee before installing a monitored security product.

In cities where permits are required, you must have a permit or authorities will not respond, and/or fines may be levied.

Check with your local police department.

What does Primary Contact mean?

Your Primary Contact should be the main person handling this tattletale account.

This is the person we will send urgent updates to, and contact in the future with any new updates.

This person will also receive a copy of the submitted form.

What are the differences between Monitoring Packages?

Central Station Monitoring is 24/7 full emergency monitoring including police, fire, and medical as well as text/email alerts and costs $28.95/mo with no contract.

With Text/Email only, in the case of an alarm you would receive a text and email notification, and would be responsible for dispatching police or fire if necessary. Text/Email only is $20.95/mo with no contract.

Other Inquiries?

We're happy to help! Just call 1-888-TELL-ON-U