Tattletale cellular based communication security systems from tattletale protect your family or business in situations when power outages are present – often when other systems fail. It is wireless, reliable, and loaded with awesome features. Built with Rattlesnake technology, the tattletale is 100% tamper proof and notifies you via text message and email immediately once it is activated. Built-in motion detection senses movement up to thirty feet away and every tattletale alarm is equipped with sirens and strobe lights that are designed to thwart off all intruders.

Criminals are getting smarter all the time and it is our job to assist you in staying one step ahead of them. They have deployed tactics such as cutting your phone line with the goal of disabling your security system. Tattletale offers the security of a cellular connection to our monitoring center for an immediate response.

Hook the tattletale’s remote key fob to your key ring and control your alarm from anywhere.

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Portable Protection For all of your Most Valuable Assets

The tattletale can be placed anywhere inside or outside of of the location that needs ultimate protection, from your place of residence to a remote job site. Be it the lives of your family members, construction site equipment, or building materials; you are covered should there be a disruption in power or land line based telephone services.

Outsmart criminals by arming yourself with the latest latest, reliable and safest technology. Tattletale offers products that feature important security advances keeping you as safe as possible. Our cellular technology ensures that emergency situation signals get through, even if phone line communications have been disabled or the lights go out.