Instant Job Site Security

tattletale High Performance Portable Alarm System

On Demand Monitoring

Instant Job Site Security, with No Contracts
24/7 Police, Fire, Medical Monitoring and Text/Email alerts available starting at $20.95/mo
Portable. tattletale ready to move with you and provide security at any job site instantly.
Fastest set-up. Plug it in, problem solved. In just 30 seconds your job site has the security it needs, instantly.
18 Years Undefeated shotgun blasts, sledgehammer attacks, power outages, and even 3 tornadoes haven’t stopped a tattletale. Nothing will stop tattletale from sounding an alarm when an intruder has entered your job site.
Made & Invented tattletale is proud to be made and invented in the United States of America

tattletale has been protecting job sites for 18 years undefeated.
We’ve created sensors for every possible application.

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