Plug It In. Problem Solved.

tattletale is plug-and-play technology. portable wireless sensors are easy to take on the move.

Perimeter protection for home flippers

Create an invisible fence 80 feet in every direction. Dual-beam technology prevents against false alarms.

The Last Security Alarm You’ll Ever Need

Passive infrared motion detector gives you a wide-angle 90° coverage within 30 feet.
Personal panic buttons identify users and send help the second you need it.

Indoor Sensors

Photoelectric technology detects smoke, not heat.

Call police the moment a door or window opens.

Wide-angle motion sensor detects moves within 40 feet.

Trace hard contact with windows and breaking glass.

Specialty Sensors

Deploy a wireless fire system in no-time. Patented design to prevent accidental activation.

Sense when temperature increases 10° or more per minute, or if it reaches 194°.

Loop it or lose it. The Loop™ is a smart bike lock that ties up anything. If someone cuts the cable, you know instantly.

Monitor water levels for up-to 2,000 feet. Trip your Unbeatable PRO™ alarm and call-in the cavalry before it’s too late.

I doubt if anyone gets away with breaking into my home because I got a tattletale and it works! 👏🏾

– CMI Trucking

I sleep good at night knowing I’m protected and the service at tattletale is awesome.

– Shannon Wolfe

Easily meets the need of any real estate investor or developer when electricity is not available.

– Terry M.

Great system. Excellent value and love the fact that we can move it with us if needed.

– Darryl Bishop