Protect What Matters Most

Keep your family safe inside and out with up-to 95 wireless sensors. Wireless means portable. Easily take tattletale to your next house or apartment. It’s the last home security alarm you’ll ever need to buy.

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Smoke detector with Rate of Rise sensors to alert Fire Departments even when tattletale is not armed.


Water/freeze sensors send alerts at slight changes in temperature or moisture before they become a problem.


Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensors monitor for unsafe CO levels. Get alerts and get your family out safe.

The Ultimate Home Flipper Alarm

wireless and portable so you can take it from property to property. Set-up in sixty seconds. Just plug it in. Protect your property, even if it doesn’t have power.

Security Alarm Motion Sensor
Motion Detector
Smoke Sensor for Security Alarm
Window Break Sensors
Door/Window Contact

Small Business Security System

The tattletale alarm utilizes patented tamper proof technology that offers your business a portable, wireless security solution. Pick it up or beat it up when armed and it sends a signal to you or the authorities in six tenths of a second.

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A sense of urgency is the ante to play

When bad guys try to take your stuff, tattletale’s Super Hero staff springs into action! Some joker breaking into the Bat… err, Man Cave? Even a batarang can’t stop your tattletale from calling the cops. Immediately.

Remote Arm and Disarm

In the case of an alarm event, you will be notified by email and/or text message you also have the ability to remotely arm and disarm your system from our website.

No Contracts

24/7 police, fire & medical monitoring w/mobile alerts $33.95/month.

Text/email monitoring $20.95/month.

I doubt if anyone gets away with breaking into my home because I got a tattletale and it works! 👏🏾

- CMI Trucking

I sleep good at night knowing I'm protected and the service at tattletale is awesome.

- Shannon Wolfe

Easily meets the need of any real estate investor or developer when electricity is not available.

- Terry M.

Great system. Excellent value and love the fact that we can move it with us if needed.

- Darryl Bishop