Protect Your Whole Job Site with One Base Unit & Sensors

1 tattletale protects a 1 mile perimeter with up to 500 wireless sensors. Trust our temporary intruder alarm system to help keep not only you, but your belongings safe. With several features, such as a cloud-based dashboard and wireless connections, no matter where you are, you can keep track of your jobsite.

Construction site protected by our temporary intruder alarm system

Theft Protection

TattleTale Rattler Motion Detection

The Rattler

Attach to any item to detect movement. If your equipment moves 6˚ in any direction, tattletale PRO™ immediately alerts the authorities. Completely tamper proof and weather resistant.

The Loop

An electronic bike lock used to tie up equipment and/or tools. Cut or disconnect the cable and it sends a signal to Unbeatable PRO™ triggering the alarm instantly.

TattleTale Loop Bike Lock
TattleTale Outdoor Motion Detector

180˚ Outdoor Motion Detector

Placed up-to 2,000 feet from tattletale PRO™ to detect approaching intruders before they gain access to protected areas. Tailor its settings to meet the environment around your premise. The 3V CR123A Lithium battery provided last for 2-3 years.


Passive Infrared Motion (PIR) detects heat from 40-feet on each side. Dual Beam technology guards against false alarms! Placed up to 3,000 feet away from tattletale base Unbeatable PRO™ for durable tamper proof protection anywhere.

new borderguard from tattletale portable alarm systems

Fire Alarms

Environmental Sensors


Name and supervise individual sensors.

Each sensor function has its own zone. The unit will then text or email you the exact sensor that is being tripped by its name. Dual receiver capability. You can add or subtract sensors to your system at any time.

500 sensor capability.

One tattletale base unit can support up to 500 sensors.

Auto-learn sensors.

Add sensors in minutes right from the base unit display on all of your tattletale base units.

Supervise digital sensor strength allows you to identify the need for signal booster and monitor the strength of those boosters in real time on your base unit from both old and new wireless sensors.

125 user capability.

One tattletale base unit can support up to 125 users.

New 2 year warranty.

20 hour battery back up.

tattletale will keep working even if power is cut.

Cloud based dashboard.

  • Cloud based dashboard
  • Arm and disarm from your mobile devices
  • See alarm history remotely
  • Monitor worker hours remotely
  • Monitor unit’s cell strength remotely
  • Monitor status of sensors

Direct DC capability.

Unit will run 2-3 weeks directly off a marine battery without charging. Or it can be run from a deep cycle battery.

Ethernet backup option.

Base unit displays cell signal strength.