Prevent Copper Theft

tattletale High Performance Portable Alarm System

On Demand Monitoring
Prevent Copper Theft with No Contracts

24/7 Police, Fire, Medical Monitoring and Text/Email alerts available starting at $20.95/mo
Portable. tattletale is the last alarm system you will ever need. Every piece of your tattletale wireless home security system is completely portable, and will move with you to wherever you live. Perfect for home-owners and renters alike!
Fastest set-up. tattletale sets up in just 30 seconds! All of tattletale’s sensors can be learned in instantly, and require no tools or experience to install! Best of all, if you ever need help you can reach a tattletale support agent 24/7 at 1-888-TELL-ON-U.
18 Years Undefeated despite shotgun blasts, sledgehammer attacks, power outages, and even 3 tornadoes.. tattletale makes the call every time.
Made & Invented tattletale is proud to be made and invented in the United States of America

ONLY $1259
Only $399


Get a tattletale Portable Alarm System, a FREE wireless remote

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(24/7 Police, Fire and Medical with NO CONTRACTS)

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tattletale has been dedicated to keeping you safe for over 18 years.
We’ve created sensors for every possible application.

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