Prevent Copper Theft

Prevent Copper Theft

tattletale High Performance Portable Alarm System

On Demand Monitoring

Prevent Copper Theft with No Contracts

24/7 Police, Fire, Medical Monitoring and Text/Email alerts available starting at $20.95/mo

tattletale's portability makes it a fast and efficient way to stop or prevent copper theft.

Portable. tattletale can prevent copper theft right out of the box. Plug it in, problem solved.

Icon depicting tattletale's industry leading 30 second set up. Best of all installation is easy and instant, requiring no tools or experience, making it perfect for preventing copper theft from a utility substation.

Fastest set-up. tattletale sets up in 30 seconds, and can be ready to move to it's new location just as quickly.

tattletale Portable Alarm Systems remains undefeated after 18 years of high performance security. This is because tattletale is sealed and tamperproof. tattletale's rattlesnake technology ensures that if tattletale is messed with while armed an alarm signal is sent out instantly. All other alarm systems give you 40-60 seconds to defeat them during entry delay. Not tattletale. This makes tattletale the perfect way to catch a copper thief red handed, no matter how experienced of a criminal they are.

18 Years Undefeated despite shotgun blasts, sledgehammer attacks, power outages, and even 3 tornadoes.. tattletale makes the call every time.

tattletale is proudly made in the United States of America, and ready to help you stop or prevent copper theft today.

Made & Invented tattletale is proud to be made and invented in the United States of America

Everything is built in the tattletale Portable Security System. The fastest cellular alarm signal, powered by Verizon. A motion detector with a 30' range. A 115 decibel siren and warning strobe light and a processor capable of communicating with up to 500 wireless sensors. Best of all, tattletale is completely sealed and tamperproof. If messed with while armed, tattletale sends an instant alarm signal every time. tattletale can protect a utility substation up to 800,000 square feet instantly, preventing or stopping copper theft instantly.

How it works:

Protecting a utility substation is easy with a tattletale Portable Alarm System. You can add up to 500 wireless sensors per base unit at any time!

Give each sensor a specific name and you and the National Monitoring Center will know which sensor was tripped the moment the alarm signal is sent.

This image shows how to use tattletale to provide instant security to your job site. The best part is, when the job is done tattletale comes with you ready to protect the next job!
David M., Superintendent

We had a break-in at a trailer in our job site, and the police responded within a matter of 4 minutes, and caught the perpetrators in the act.

Joe P., Branch Manager

tattletale is used at this location to monitor all of our equipment. It allows our guys to move freely, and when the last one leaves they just push a button and the whole yard is protected.

Cliff T., Foreman

"Not only does it (tattletale) minimize financial loses, it also builds credibility with our clients. Credibility because we don’t have downtime from loses of equipment on our job sites."

ONLY $1259


Get a tattletale Portable Alarm System, a FREE wireless remote

& get 3 months FREE monitoring

(24/7 Police, Fire and Medical with NO CONTRACTS)

tattletale is guaranteed to provide job site security instantly. If you are not in love with your order simply send it back for a full refund.

tattletale has been protecting utility substations for 18 years undefeated.

We’ve created sensors for every possible application.

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