Reduced Occupancy Program From Tattletale

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tattletale alarm system
tattletale is a best-in-class vendor with proven technology that has been helping customers for decades. Their easy to install sensors allow you to set custom alerts, including local authority notifications

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Whenever a building is left empty,

issues that normally would be a small problem can become big problems very quickly. Pipes can burst, theft and vandalism can occur, fires can spread. The impact of these can grow exponentially due to employees being unable to intervene or alert proper authorities. This case holds true whether a building is empty for a long weekend or vacant for an extended period, due to COVID-19.

Now, with the tattletale Reduced Occupancy package
of sensors, you can keep your peace of mind while your properties are empty. The tattletale sensors monitor the biggest areas of loss for an empty building.



Reduced Occupancy Standard

From: $499.00

• Up-to 5,000 square feet
• Up-to 2 floors

• 1 Unbeatable HOME™ Base Station
• 1 Key Fob
• 1 Door/Window Contact Sensor
• 1 Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor
• 2 Water Sensors

Reduced Occupancy Premium

From: $649.00

• Up-to 20,000 square feet
• Up-to 2 floors

1 Unbeatable HOME™ Base Station
2 Key Fobs
2 Door/Window Contact Sensors
2 Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensors
3 Water Contact Sensors
1 Motion Detector