Meet tattletale RV Alarm

tattletale is a wireless RV security system with the fastest cellular alarm signal available, powered by Verizon, with no cell charges!

RVing is a great American pastime. Every year, millions of adventurous campers set out on the open road. If you own an RV, you know that protecting what’s inside is extremely important. Unfortunately, your family, pets, and valuables are often left minimally protected by traditional RV security alarm systems. This is especially concerning when you consider that if your RV is stolen, you and your family could be left homeless and stranded.

The tattletale is a technologically advanced RV security alarm system that delivers 360 degrees of protection for your RV and valuables. Our RV alarms are wireless, portable, and ultra-reliable. The tattletale takes just sixty seconds to set up, plugs into any traditional outlet, and lasts a full twenty hours on a single charge. Even when your RV’s electric is turned off, it is still completely protected.

A Tamperproof RV Security Alarm System

Each tattletale unit is built to be 100% tamperproof. Patented Rattlesnake Technology ensures that our RV alarm systems notify you and the authorities within sixth tenths of a second if the alarm is triggered. Email and text alerts will be sent immediately upon a trigger so you’ll always know exactly what’s happening in your RV, no matter where you are.

The tattletale is just as powerful as traditional, more expensive RV security alarm systems, but offers a much higher level of protection. Hook the tattletale‘s remote key fob onto your RV keys and control your RV’s alarm from anywhere. tattletale even comes standardly equipped with a pet button that allows your cat or dog to roam the RV without triggering a false alarm. With optional accessories like extra motion sensors, smoke detectors, and entry point sensors, there is truly no getting past a tattletale!

tattletale‘s average draw is 300 milliamps and with adapter can plug right into 9v port

tattletale can also use DC power and can run for up to 28 days on a deep cycle battery.

On Demand Monitoring
Secure your RV, without long-term contracts.

Text/Email Alert Monitoring with Mobile App: $20.95/mo
Full 24/7 Police, Fire and Medical Monitoring with Text/Email Alerts and Mobile App: $28.95/mo
Portable. tattletale is the last alarm system you will ever need. Every piece of your tattletale wireless home security system is completely portable, and will move with you to wherever you live. Perfect for home-owners and renters alike!
Fastest set-up. tattletale sets up in just 30 seconds! All of tattletale’s sensors can be learned in instantly, and require no tools or experience to install! Best of all, if you ever need help you can reach a tattletale support agent 24/7 at 1-888-TELL-ON-U.
18 Years Undefeated despite shotgun blasts, sledgehammer attacks, power outages, and even 3 tornadoes.. tattletale makes the call every time.
Made & Invented tattletale is proud to be made and invented in the United States of America

One Push Button Settings

Give areas of your home an added level of security using tattletale‘s exclusive Hot Button feature. Perfect for protecting gun safes, liquor cabinets, or any part of your wireless home security system that you would like to keep constant watch over.

Keep your pets safe without any false alarms.

Get in and out without waking the baby. Easily activate this setting with one touch, right from the home screen.

Make your tattletale invisible. Now you can hide tattletale in plain sight, and use it as your secret weapon.

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