Instant Panic Alert Solutions for Your School

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Emergency help is always at your finger tips.

tattletale‘s 3000’ wireless range allows for panic pendants to protect teachers and students anywhere on campus. The entire system requires no installation & is fully customizable to meet your school’s safety protocol. Pendants can be named so responders know exactly where the panic alarm had been sound.
Portable & wireless, no installation.
Sets up in 60 seconds.
18 years undefeated.
Berkeley SC Public Schools Berkeley is one of the largest and fastest growing school districts in South Carolina. The county wide district covers a 1,229 sq mile area and encompasses over 40 public schools. The district turned to tattletale to help enhance emergency alert communications across their geographically large family of schools. The wireless tattletale panic buttons remain with teachers at all time & provide another layer of protection anywhere on campus.
St. Albert the Great St. Albert the Great is a Blue Ribbon School that integrates the fundamental principles of the Catholic Church and academic studies for students in Preschool (3 and 4 year old) – Eighth Grade. In 2013, St. Albert turned to the tattletale system to help enhance their school safety measures. “In all the emergency situations you’ve seen around the country, time is of the essence,” said Edward Vittardi. He’s the principal at St. Albert the Great Elementary School in North Royalton. His staff was recently armed with a new device called the tattletale Panic Button. All of them were paid for using grant money. “As soon as they press the button, the police department gets notification of where the emergency button was pressed and they then can get to the school as quickly as possible,” Vittardi said. Fox News did a recent segment showing how the tattletale system works. Click Here to View.
Carter Charter School NC Located on a beautiful campus in Durham, Carter Charter School is a leading K-2 through K-5 charter school. Utilizing a North Carolina Department of Safety grant, Charter added the tattletale panic system in 2013. Emergencies don’t always happen just in the classroom. Emergencies can arise on the play ground, parking lot, hallway, or ball field & tattletale is the only affordable system that protects educators everywhere on campus. The 3000′ range of the wireless system allows teachers and administrators to be connected with emergency personnel with the touch of a button.