Instant Utility Perimeter Security

Protecting your utility substation has never been so easy. Easily sync up-to 500 wireless sensors for simple utility perimeter security.

perimeter protected by tattletale alarm

Wireless Utility Perimeter Security

tattletale perimeter alarm diagram

Smoke Detector

smoke detector

Photoelectric technology detects smoke up-to 1,000 feet away from tattletale PRO™.

Rate of Rise Sensor

rate of rise

Instantly alert the fire department if the temperature changes 10˚ in 60 seconds or when it reaches 190˚F.

Motion Detector

TattleTale Outdoor Motion Detector

Detect approaching intruders before they gain access to protected areas. Tailor settings to meet your precise premise environment. Included 3V CR123A Lithium battery lasts 2-3 years.


TattleTale Border Guard Unit

Passive Infrared Motion (PIR) detects heat from 40-feet on each side. Dual Beam technology guards against false alarms! Placed up to 3,000 feet away from Unbeatable PRO™ for durable tamper proof protection anywhere.

SCADA Network Support

The Tattletale Next Generation Commercial Unit (NGC) when used in conjunction with a Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC), will be able to provide real-time data to a SCADA master via the DNP3 protocol. Additionally, the NGC will be able to respond to DNP3 outputs in order to control the armed states of the alarm system.

The supplied SEL AcSELerator RTAC project file is written in the 61131 Ladder Logic language, allowing for easy modifications to suit custom requirements.

The communication between the NGC and RTAC is also monitored and its state is passed back to the DNP3 master. Trouble will be reported within 5 seconds. The entire NGC system status is updated to the RTAC at a 1Hz to 2Hz rate.

System Requirements:

tattletale NGC Unit Running 4.XX (4.39 or higher) software.

SEL RTAC model SEL-3505, SEL-3505-4, SEL-3530, or SEL-3530-4 running R1.40 or higher firmware.SEL AcSELerator RTAC Development Environment software.RTAC Project File. Crossover Ethernet Cable.

I doubt if anyone gets away with breaking into my home because I got a tattletale and it works! 👏🏾

- CMI Trucking

I sleep good at night knowing I'm protected and the service at tattletale is awesome.

- Shannon Wolfe

Easily meets the need of any real estate investor or developer when electricity is not available.

- Terry M.

Great system. Excellent value and love the fact that we can move it with us if needed.

- Darryl Bishop