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tattletale is always with you.™
& will never let you down!

All other alarms give you 40 seconds to defeat them during entry delay. Not tattletale!

Pick it up or beat it up and it’s Rattlesnake™ technology will send an instant alarm signal.

On Demand Monitoring

Secure your RV, without long-term contracts.

Text/Email Alert Monitoring with Mobile App: $20.95/mo

Full 24/7 Police, Fire and Medical Monitoring with Text/Email Alerts and Mobile App: $28.95/mo

tattletale's portability makes it the best in wireless home security. tattletale sets up in 30 seconds, and requires no tools or installation! This means that if you move homes, you can easily bring your alarm system with you.

Portable. tattletale is the last alarm system you will ever need. Every piece of your tattletale wireless home security system is completely portable, and will move with you to wherever you live. Perfect for home-owners and renters alike!

Icon depicting tattletale wireless home security systems' industry leading 30 second set up.

Fastest set-up. tattletale sets up in just 30 seconds! All of tattletale's sensors can be learned in instantly, and require no tools or experience to install! Best of all, if you ever need help you can reach a tattletale support agent 24/7 at 1-888-TELL-ON-U.

Icon depicting how unbeatable a tattletale wireless home security system is. tattletale Portable Alarm Systems remains undefeated after 18 years of high performance security. This is because tattletale is sealed and tamperproof. tattletale's rattlesnake technology ensures that if tattletale is messed with while armed an alarm signal is sent out instantly

18 Years Undefeated despite shotgun blasts, sledgehammer attacks, power outages, and even 3 tornadoes.. tattletale makes the call every time.

tattletale wireless home security system is proudly made in the United States of America

Made & Invented tattletale is proud to be made and invented in the United States of America

tattletale is guaranteed to provide job site security instantly. If you are not in love with your order simply send it back for a full refund.
tattletale is guaranteed to provide job site security instantly. If you are not in love with your order simply send it back for a full refund.
The police responded within a matter of 4 minutes, and caught the perpetrators in the act, in the trailer. -David M. Construction Superintendent  tattletale is used at this location to monitor all of our equipment. It allows our guys to move freely, and when the last one leaves they just push a button and the whole yard is protected. -Joe P. Branch Manager  "The problem with maintaining security on a large construction site is that you don’t have the advantage of a lot of light, or a lot of people to watch to see what’s going on. We use tattletales not only to monitor our job site trailers, we use them to monitor storage containers, we use them to monitor buildings in remote locations and we can also use these tattletales with the looping device to put around equipment and prevent theft with that as well. Not only does it minimize financial loses, it also builds credibility with our clients. Credibility because we don’t have downtime from loses of equipment on our job sites." -Cliff T. Equipment Manager
Comparison between tattletale's exclusive on demand monitoring vs. traditional alarm companies contracts.

One Push Button Settings

Give areas of your home an added level of security using tattletale's exclusive Hot Button feature. Perfect for protecting gun safes, liquor cabinets, or any part of your wireless home security system that you would like to keep constant watch over.

Keep your pets safe without any false alarms.

Get in and out without waking the baby. Easily activate this setting with one touch, right from the home screen.

Make your tattletale invisible. Now you can hide tattletale in plain sight, and use it as your secret weapon.