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How tattletale Portable Alarm Systems Can Enhance Your RV Security

RVing is a great American pastime, with millions of adventurous campers hitting the open road every year. Owning an RV means you need to protect not only the vehicle itself but also the valuable contents inside, including your family and pets. Traditional RV security alarm systems often provide minimal protection, leaving your loved ones and belongings at risk. Enter tattletale Portable Alarm Systems – a technologically advanced solution designed to enhance your RV security and keep your family safe.

Wireless and Portable RV Security

Tattletale is a wireless RV security system with the fastest cellular alarm signal available, powered by Verizon, with no cell charges. Unlike traditional RV security systems, tattletale alarms are wireless, portable, and ultra-reliable. They take just sixty seconds to set up, plug into any traditional outlet, and last a full twenty hours on a single charge. This means that even when your RV’s electric is turned off, it remains completely protected.

Tamperproof and Responsive

Each tattletale unit is built to be 100% tamperproof. Patented Rattlesnake Technology ensures that tattletale RV alarm systems notify you and the authorities within sixth-tenths of a second if the alarm is triggered. Email and text alerts will be sent immediately upon a trigger, keeping you informed about what’s happening in your RV, no matter where you are.

Remote Control and Pet-Friendly

tattletale is just as powerful as traditional, more expensive RV security alarm systems but offers a much higher level of protection. The remote key fob can be hooked onto your RV keys, allowing you to control your RV’s alarm from anywhere. tattletale even comes standardly equipped with a pet button that enables your cat or dog to roam the RV without triggering a false alarm.

Customizable with Optional Accessories

With optional accessories like extra motion sensors, smoke detectors, and entry point sensors, there is truly no getting past a tattletale. This customizable system ensures that your RV security is tailored to your specific needs.

Energy-Efficient and Flexible Power Options

tattletale’s average draw is 300 milliamps and can plug right into a 9v port with an adapter. It can also use DC power and run for up to 28 days on a deep cycle battery, providing you with flexible power options for your RV security system.

No Long-Term Contracts

Secure your RV with tattletale Portable Alarm Systems without being tied down by long-term contracts. Full 24/7 police, fire, and medical monitoring with text/email alerts and mobile app are available for $33.95/month.

In conclusion, tattletale Portable Alarm Systems offer a comprehensive and technologically advanced solution to enhance your RV security. With its wireless, portable, and tamperproof design, customizable options, and flexible power choices, tattletale ensures that your family, pets, and valuables are well-protected during your RV adventures.

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