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What Is the Best Front Door Security?

What Is the Best Front Door Security - tattletale portable alarm systems

When it comes to securing your home, the front door is undoubtedly a great place to start. Statistically speaking, 34% of burglars enter a home through the front door. Therefore, homeowners need to find ways to discourage criminals from targeting their homes and make it more difficult for them to get inside.

While there’s no one change that will bring total protection, there are a series of steps you can take to help make your front door more secure. Discover five actions you can take to enhance your entryway security and provide a safe home for yourself and your loved ones.

Start With the Door

Though this may come as a surprise to you, the best front door security system isn’t just about the electronic equipment you have. You must also ensure the entryway itself is as secure as possible.

If your door is old, weathered, or flimsy, it can easily be kicked in or otherwise compromised by force. Consider getting a wood, metal, or fiberglass door with a solid wood core. Make sure to reinforce any glass in the door you choose.

If your door frame is weathered, you should consider replacing it and adding metal reinforcements. Additionally, you may want to finish off your door replacement project with a door chain and deadbolt, as these provide much more robust home security than just a knob and lock.

Install Great Lighting

Great lighting not only makes it safer for you and your family when walking to your door at night, but it can also act as a deterrent for criminals who know that they are more likely to be seen if they attempt to breach your front door. They won’t be able to hide, especially if your outdoor lighting system is connected to a well-functioning motion sensor that turns it on whenever movement is detected.

When designing the lighting system for your home, you should also take time to think about installing lights just inside the door. This is especially critical if you have windows around the door or facing the front of the home, as it makes potential burglars think that you may still be awake and could notice if they attempt to enter your home.

Get Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are vital for any home security system. They help you to detect unauthorized activity around your front door, making it impossible for criminals to go unnoticed. Noticing possible criminal activity early on gives you more time to thwart it before anyone gains access to your home. It also allows you to call the authorities if the need arises.

When choosing a motion sensor system for your front door, make sure to choose one that offers real-time alerts and remote access to your system. This is particularly important when you may be away from home and unable to provide in-person protection for your property.

Consider a Camera System

Camera systems complement today’s home security systems, as they give you a clear visual representation of what’s going on outside your front door. More than 40% of burglars report that they will choose a different target if they see a camera on the premises. Consequently, having a camera can help you keep burglars at bay and catch them in the act if they attempt to break in.

Many people have doorbell cameras to detect activity at the door, but these can sometimes be unreliable and may not pick up all activity in front of your home. If you add cameras to your home security system, make sure you purchase or rent them from a professional company that will install them correctly and ensure they work well with the other components of your front door security system.

Get Help From the Pros

The most important tip for enhancing your front door security system is to make sure your system is monitored by professionals at all times.

While having real-time alerts about activity going on outside your door is critical, you’ll want to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a team of experts backing you up with their professional-grade monitoring systems and catching what you may miss.

Having professional home security monitoring services also ensures a timely and appropriate response to anything suspicious that may be happening at your front door. Attempted burglaries are dangerous situations that can result in unexpected emergencies at your home.

If you do find yourself in an unpredictable situation, you can rest assured that you’ll have support from an experienced professional who can help you figure out your next steps.

A Comprehensive Security Approach Is the Key to Success

When it comes to front door security, you must realize that it’s not about just taking one action to keep intruders out. Properly securing your home takes a comprehensive approach that deters criminal activity and makes it difficult for bad actors to gain access to your property or family.

For those who want a simple yet trustworthy system for comprehensive protection, tattletale® is the answer. With a tattletale® system, you’ll have the benefit of portability for use anywhere in the home, as well as real-time alerts and 24/7 monitoring and support.

Contact our team today to see how you can start enjoying the peace of mind that comes from having a powerful home security system.

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