Small Business Security Systems Ready To Protect

The tattletale alarm utilizes our patented Rattlesnake Technology that offers your business a portable, wireless security system that is an advancement in protection. The tattletale cannot be moved, stolen, or tampered with once it is activated. As soon as it is triggered, Rattlesnake Technology will contact you or authorities in just six tenths of a second.

You’ve invested too much in your business to lose your hard-earned profits to thieves and vandals. Having talked with small businesses to understand their security issues, Tattletale has developed a portable, wireless alarm system that addresses your everyday security issues effectively and affordably. With our superior product, you can customize the right small business security system for you. More than a traditional alarm system, we offer an integrated system for tackling your business security needs when your work force is not on the premises.

tattletale’s capabilities can be customized to fit your security requirements. Should there be only one entrance into your place of business, one door sensor is all you need. If your establishment has many windows, tattletale also makes uncompromising glass break sensors for full protection.

Business owners understand how critical it is to keep their establishments secure. Our superior small business alarm system, taking advantage of leading technology, provides you with a dependable, best-in-class alarm. We put the power of security in your hands – keeping your costs down.

You can monitor our portable small business security systems from any place with cellular access, no matter what time of day. By using your cell phone, smartphone or computer, you will never be out of touch with live operator access 24 hours a day and seven days week. Your tattletale will send text and email alerts to you and up to five other people every time the any time a sensor detects trouble at your business.