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Do Security Doors Prevent Break-Ins - tattletale Portable Alarm Systems

Do Security Doors Prevent Break-Ins?

Burglary is one of the most feared property crimes, and for good reason. According to FBI statistics, there were over 1.1 million burglaries in 2019. Forcible entry accounts for more than half of all home invasions. Households and businesses in cities with 250,000 people or more are at the highest risk of experiencing a forcible […]

How Reliable Are Security Cameras at Night - tattletale portable alarm systems

How Reliable Are Security Cameras at Night?

Construction site theft is a serious concern around the country. If you’re thinking about installing security cameras for enhanced jobsite security, you’re likely expecting them to provide you with around-the-clock protection. The need for jobsite security systems doesn’t stop at night. In fact, you need an even greater level of security when your employees aren’t […]

What Are the Benefits of Jobsite Security - tattletale portable alarm systems

What Are the Benefits of Jobsite Security?

Jobsite security can be a challenging concern, especially if your jobsite requires working in open, outdoor spaces. Because it’s not feasible to remove all of your equipment from the worksite at the end of each shift, you’ll need to take practical on-site security measures. In addition to preventing the theft of your equipment, security technology […]

What Do You Need to Do to Ensure Jobsite Security?

Keeping your jobsite secure is essential in maintaining a successful contracting business. Frequent theft will force you to continuously replace your equipment, driving up your operating costs and compromising the work you perform for your customers. In maintaining good jobsite security, you’ll have to address employee theft as well as theft committed by other parties. […]

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