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What Are the Benefits of Jobsite Security?

What Are the Benefits of Jobsite Security - tattletale portable alarm systems

Jobsite security can be a challenging concern, especially if your jobsite requires working in open, outdoor spaces. Because it’s not feasible to remove all of your equipment from the worksite at the end of each shift, you’ll need to take practical on-site security measures.

In addition to preventing the theft of your equipment, security technology can deliver a variety of unanticipated benefits.

Keep Your Work Team Safer

Nearly 12,000 burglaries occurred nationwide on construction sites alone in 2022. Some of the basic security technology you can install on your jobsite to minimize your risk of theft include outdoor motion sensors and exterior lighting.

A system of lighting and sensors can not only deter theft, but it can also help keep work areas illuminated after dusk. If your team is working past sundown, you can use this security equipment to ensure they will have sufficient lighting throughout the evening hours.

Installing a jobsite security system can also help you keep your employees safer from criminal activity. The presence of CCTV cameras, lighting, and motion sensors can reduce the likelihood of criminals lurking on the property.

Your employees won’t have to worry about criminal assaults when working in an unpopulated area or when walking to their personal vehicles at the end of the day.

Prevent Criminal Activity

Criminals might target a worksite for other reasons aside from theft, including trespassing and vandalism. Installing a jobsite security system can keep your site safer from a variety of criminal threats. Serious criminals and teens looking for thrills may avoid an open jobsite if they see that security technology is in use on the property.

Keep in mind that anyone seeking to trespass on your property will likely want to do so without detection. Installing more cameras and lighting, as well as a monitored alarm system, can reduce the temptation to trespass on the property.

Minimize Liability for Injuries

Frivolous lawsuits can be a particular problem for construction sites since these areas remain largely unmonitored. By installing a jobsite security system, you can keep your site under constant surveillance. This will give you video evidence that documents any incident that might happen on the property.

You can also use video recordings to document an accidental injury or to disprove that one occurred. For example, you may be able to use the footage to prove that an individual was trespassing on your property when they suffered the injury, or you can prove that other circumstances limit your company’s liability.

Respond Faster to Emergencies

One of the most often overlooked benefits of jobsite security is that it enables you to observe emergency situations as they happen. Surveillance equipment can help you see when someone on the site suffers an injury or experiences a medical emergency. In this way, you can use your security system to save lives.

For instance, you may see when someone collapses and clutches their heart. As soon as you recognize the signs of a heart attack, you can immediately call for emergency help. Obtaining emergency medical care earlier can improve an individual’s chances for recovery, making this type of early warning a priceless benefit.

Save on Insurance Premiums

There are many different ways to save on your insurance premiums when you install jobsite security equipment. Insurers will often offer a discount for installing security cameras and alarm systems since these devices can make theft far less likely on the site, as well as help police identify the perpetrators and recover stolen items.

You can also qualify for premium discounts by installing smoke and heat alarms and other similar types of equipment. Fire detection and suppression technology can help you react to fires faster, reducing the property damage suffered on your site.

Ask your insurance company about the other discounts you can earn by installing a comprehensive security system on your site.

Monitor Job Progress Remotely

A comprehensive security system can use cameras, smoke and heat detectors, and other equipment to protect your site from a wide variety of threats. An important aspect of this protection is the ability to monitor your site remotely.

There are very few things you can’t control with the touch of a screen when you install a state-of-the-art security system. You can use your phone, tablet, or laptop to monitor the video images captured by your site’s security cameras.

Similarly, regardless of your physical location, you can check your jobsite at any time of the day or night. If your system uses smart locks and other Internet of Things (IoT) technology, you can change permissions remotely as well.

Identify Hazards Sooner

Jobsite security equipment can give you a bird’s eye view of every corner of your site. This can make it easier to identify safety hazards before they result in costly injuries. While you may not typically notice a board that’s teetering on the edge of a platform as you walk by it, you can recognize it more easily by observing it on a video feed.

Noticing safety hazards sooner gives you the opportunity to fix issues before they lead to accidents. As a result, there can be fewer workplace injuries, and you can avoid a disruption of productivity. Your employees will feel more confident when they know they work in a safer environment as well.

Arm Your Jobsite With the Industry’s Best Security Devices

tattletale® sells the advanced security technology you need to keep any jobsite protected. If you’re not sure how to protect your site, one of our representatives can offer experience-backed insight to help you choose the best equipment for your site. To learn more about effectively securing your jobsite, contact us today.

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