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Do Criminals Avoid Houses With Security Cameras?

Do Criminals Avoid Houses With Security Cameras - tattletale portable alarm systems

It’s not uncommon to think of surveillance cameras when the topic of home security arises. While video surveillance can aid in identifying home invaders, you’ll want your security system to make criminals think twice about trespassing on your property. Fortunately, recent studies have found that security cameras are highly effective in deterring criminal activity.

Making a Strong Case for Security Camera Efficacy

Recently, Security.org shared the results from several studies that focused on the effectiveness of security cameras in preventing crime. Here’s a brief look at some of those studies, showing real-world examples of the value of security cameras in protecting residential properties.

KTVB7 Investigative Journalism

The Oregon television interviewed inmates within the state’s Department of Corrections, focusing on those convicted of residential burglaries. Of the 86 inmates they interviewed, most of them said they would pass by a house that had visible security equipment.

In addition to cameras, the inmates reported that alarms would frighten them and cause them to flee.

UNC Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology

The criminal justice department at the University of North Carolina conducted a tri-state survey of 422 convicted burglars. Over 60% of the subjects said they would pass by a home that had visual signs of home security technology, including cameras and alarms.

If they discovered security protection during a burglary, most of the inmates said they would immediately flee from the property.

The School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University

Taking on a study of Newark, New Jersey, Rutgers University’s School of Criminal Justice looked at property crime rates in residential neighborhoods. They found that streets with more properties with fully comprehensive home security systems had fewer burglaries. The findings suggested that installing security cameras and other equipment increased security for the entire neighborhood.

Know How to Get Better Protection From Your Security Cameras

When it comes to home security, there are several steps you can take to increase the efficacy of your equipment. Many of these suggestions will have long-lasting security benefits for your household.

Let Home Invaders Know

When you pass by a home with a home security system installed, you might notice signs on the lawn or in the front windows. These signs do more than just perform marketing for the security monitoring company. They also let potential burglars know that the home has security protection. This might be enough to chase most home invaders away.

Install Cameras in Conspicuous Locations

In some situations, you might want to hide a security camera, but this isn’t ideal when protecting your home. You’ll want criminals to see the cameras and other security features since the presence of security equipment often deters crime. Install cameras over windows and doors to let criminals know they will remain under surveillance when they trespass.

Update Your Exterior Lighting

Install more exterior lighting if you don’t have enough coverage for the entire perimeter of your house and garage. If you connect the outdoor lighting to motion sensors, you can ensure a sudden flood of light will chase away unsuspecting burglars. Additionally, the lighting will provide extra illumination to allow your security cameras to capture clearer images.

Supplement Security Cameras With Additional Equipment

You can use a variety of home security devices to protect your property. For example, connecting door and window contact sensors to an alarm system will help disrupt crimes in progress. As the alarm sounds, potential burglars may flee in fear.

Some alarms use human voice recordings to simulate police, and that can make your system even more effective.

Add Night Vision for Improved Protection

Many modern video surveillance systems come equipped with night vision to ensure they provide around-the-clock protection. Alternatively, look for cameras that have infrared LED sensors for better images at night. Either technology will improve the quality of the video footage your security system captures after dark.

Look for Durable Security Cameras

All of your home security should be purposefully built to last, and that means looking for equipment that will stand up to environmental factors. Look for security equipment that’s rated to withstand extreme temperatures.

Additionally, you’ll want equipment with an IP rating of 65 or higher. The IP rating measures the unit’s vulnerability to solid and liquid matter. A higher IP rating will stand up better against rain, dust, and other external contaminants.

Keep Your Home’s Perimeter Free of Obstructions

Those tall shrubs or trees near your front entrance might look beautiful, but they also provide the perfect concealment for home invaders. Remove any landscaping that a burglar could use to hide behind. They might hide while waiting for you to leave the house or use your landscaping to conceal their attempts to gain access to your home.

If your home has a trellis or any feature that could help a burglar climb to the second story of your home, remove it. You’ll want to take these extra steps to make home invasions more difficult. Additionally, removing these obstacles will create a clear line of sight for your video surveillance equipment.

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