May 2, 2014

Protect Construction Sites

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Aside from the workplace hazards, thousands of dollars worth of property and machinery are often present from start to finish. With liability like this just out of reach of the general public, it boggles the mind to how many of these dangerous places are left unattended at night.

Across America, thousands of dollars worth of equipment will be sitting unguarded tonight on construction sites. All of these items lay exposed, waiting for a criminal to come and take them, or for adventurous teenagers to explore. Two things you, as a business owner, cannot afford to have happen to your site.

What’s even scarier than losing your equipment on a construction site? How about a would-be burglar or teenage vandal breaking their leg while attempting to steal your equipment, and then suing your company for the damages?

This may sound like something out of a horror novel. But all across this country, it happens every day.

How can you properly protect your construction site? At first glance, it may appear tricky. After all, job sites are outdoors, and usually the only protection you could have is a makeshift chain-link fence.

With the completely portable motion and noise detection unit from tattletale, setting up a secure jobsite only takes a few minutes, and works perfectly indoor and outside.  Imagine being able to set up as many as 48 access points, quickly and easily, that will act as your personal watchman all hours of the day and night. The tattletale contacts you and the authorities whenever an intruder encroaches on your property. Throw in the fact that it works wirelessly (and can even be armed remotely using a key fob) and now those old potential liabilities are a thing of the past.

With today’s technology, the only reason you have not to worry is if you already have tattletale’s wireless security for your construction or job site.




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