January 24, 2016

Garage Safety Tips

Most burglaries start from the garage area of the home. Garages often contain several doors, windows and expensive items like cars and equipment. Keeping your garage, and thus your home, safe can be made easier with these 5 simple tips.

1. Locks. Simple enough, yet the most common way garages and homes are broken into. There are several doors leading into a garage, make sure to check and double check those commonly unused doors that may have been left open by mistake.

2. Windows. Be sure to lock windows and to keep a secondary method of security, like bars, around garage windows. Also important is covering windows or having frosted windows to keep out peering eyes, as most burglars will look into windows searching for expensive items they may want to break in for.

3. Lights. Installing a bright light near your garage can keep out unwanted guests. Motion detected lights can save you energy and be an added protection as well. Keeping your garage and areas near garage doors well lit is an important yet very simple safety measure.

4. Door. The door leading from your garage into your home should be as strong and durable as your front door. Burglars see this door as the weak area of the home, something that can easily be kicked in or broken into. Make sure this door is strong.

5. Alarms. Installing a wireless security system in your home is the best way to ensure a safe home. Your home and your family are protected 24/7 from burglars.

Follow these simple tips at all times and as always use caution and common sense when it comes to Garage Security.




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