tattletale Featured as School Safety Solution

Westerville, Ohio based tattletale portable alarm systems has been widely known for protecting equipment that is often considered at risk such as utility substations, military assets, and high value construction sites. As technology evolves, so has tattletale’s ability to protect our most valuable possessions – including lives.

Featured by Cleveland, Ohio Fox affiliate WJW-TV, tattletale’s personal “panic button” systems are being utilized as a front line measure in student and school safety. St. Albert the Great Elementary School in North Royalton, Ohio, is one of the first schools in the United States to take this proactive step in partnering with tattletale.

“In all the emergency situations you’ve seen around the country, time is of the essence,” St. Albert the Great Principal Edward Vittardi told Cleveland’s Fox 8 News. “As soon as they press the [panic button], the police department gets notification of where the emergency button was pressed and they then can get to the school as quickly as possible.”

The tattletale “panic button” technology works seamlessly with current existing school technology infrastructure, and does not require a complicated and costly installation. Packages come with “panic button” pendants for teachers, receivers that can pinpoint where the alarm was triggered within a half-mile, and continual monitoring from tattletale systems.

To prevent a false alarm, both buttons must be pressed by the classroom teacher at the exact same time. The alarm then notifies the school administration, tattletale monitoring, and the local police of where and when the school safety emergency is taking place.

“I started teaching 15 years ago, and I never thought that being a teacher would have to be saving some kid’s life,” teacher Kelly Beskid told Fox 8 News. “It’s much faster than using a cell phone and entering a pass code and everything. Plus, we have it on our bodies and it`s right there for us if we were any kind of trouble like that,”

About tattletale:

Based in Westerville, Ohio, tattletale has been protecting clients across the United States since 1995. The tattletale high performance unit is the world’s first patented, portable, and wireless alarm system and has gained prominence because of its undefeated record and easy operation.

Tattletale Alarms & Argus Agents, Inc. have teamed up to provide a simple yet powerful new layer of security to schools across the nation. Every school is unique and requires a custom safety protocol to meet their safety needs. The Tattletale team understands these needs & designed their wireless panic system to be fully customizable. Big or small; public or private, the tattletale works on any campus.