tattletale Proudly Protects America

By now almost everyone is familiar with the award-winning revolutionary technology of the tattletale portable alarm system, as the technology is used by our commercial customers on major job sites and industrial facilities from coast to coast. But the far more rewarding testimonials for us come from our customers in the United States Navy and on Capitol Hill.

The tattletale is first and foremost an American product. We manufacture them at our main facility in Westerville, Ohio with a staff of dedicated craftsmen that have operated our facility since 1995. We take pride in manufacturing homemade protection for American homes and businesses. We’re even more proud of the service to our country that tattletale alarms have provided. Our technology has stood guard over the US Constitution as it toured the country’s museums and town halls as well as Naval bases along the east coast.

It’s a good feeling for us and our staff to know we’re making a difference in the lives of service men and women as well as standing proudly on guard for our founding documents. Additionally, the tattletale is used in public schools across many states where we’ve partnered with Argus Agents to outfit school teachers and principals with emergency panic buttons in case the unthinkable happens.

Security is a very serious thing here at tattletale and we approach every product that watches you’re your home or office building with the same care and craftsmanship we put into servicing schools and military installations. That’s the tattletale way. Sleep easy at night knowing that the same halo hangs over your family’s heads, standing guard while you sleep.

Keep them safe. Get a tattletale.

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