The Best In Wireless Security Systems

In today’s age of rapid growth and constant change, it’s important to take all the precautions necessary to ensure that your home, business, and property are fully protected from the many security threats that roam even the safest suburban neighborhoods.

While anyone would agree that a fully functional and time-tested security system should be installed in every home or residence, you might also be concerned with complex installation that involves new wiring and changes to the infrastructure of your home.   This is a valid concern and we at tattletale feel it’s an outdated model.

We’re proud of our wireless security systems technology and why shouldn’t we be?   Our technology has been protecting the commercial market for decades.  We have been trusted by schools, hospitals, billion dollar job sites, and even the United States Military to send instantaneous alert signals the moment your security is breached.   Manufactured and packaged right here in the United States, tattletale knows a thing or two about wireless security.   That’s why when you’re looking around for the highest quality wireless security systems, you’ll look no further than the tattletale portable alarm system available for the consumer market.

The tattletale home unity is easy to set up right out of the box.  Simply set the base unit in a central location to the area you want protected, place the sensors around the perimeter for additional reach, and rest easy knowing your home is under the protection of our HALO technology 24/7.

Should anyone trespass in your protected area, the tattletale will send a text alert to your phone and to local law enforcement so help will arrive within minutes.  No other wireless security systems are as functional and reliable as tattletale.

With so much to protect, why settle for less?