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Indoor Motion Detector HOME™


Protect yourself and your belongings with this motion detector alarm, perfect for homes!

The tattletale Home Motion Detector is an effective deterrent to any criminals who might be trying to break in. Boasting an impressive 30-foot detection range, you can rest easy. Always designed to monitor your home with precision and accuracy.

With Many Features To Make You Safe

One of the standout features of the Home Motion Detector is its pet immunity capability. This allows your beloved pets to move freely throughout your home without triggering false alarms. This pet-friendly feature ensures that your pet’s freedom is never compromised, while also giving you peace of mind knowing your home is protected.

Additionally, the tattletale Home Motion Detector offers a sensor bypass feature, allowing you to temporarily disable the sensor when needed, making it a versatile and practical option for any home. Overall, the tattletale Home Motion Detector is an advanced and reliable security solution for homeowners, with superb detection capabilities and a range of useful features.


  • Easy and Instant DIY Installation
  • Completely Wireless
  • Tamperproof Design
  • Pet Immunity Feature
  • Detect motion within 30 feet at a 100-degree angle

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