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DIY vs. Professional Home Security Installation

A home security system can be a great asset for your home and provide lasting peace of mind. However, you have an important question to consider before moving forward. Should you go with DIY wireless home security systems or leave the installation to the professionals? Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision.

The Importance of Home Security

You might think that you don’t really need a home security system if you’ve already gone this long without one. However, the simple fact of the matter is that burglary and other types of intrusion are serious threats that the right DIY wireless home security systems can mitigate almost entirely.

More than 2.5 million burglaries occur across the U.S. each year. Three-quarters of those happen when no one is home. At those times, the only protection your home can possibly have is that provided by an automatic security system. The right combination of alerts and on-site alarms can get intruders off your property and send the police on their way as soon as possible.

Professional Home Security Installation

No matter where you call home, chances are there are more than a few home security companies in your area. They offer a variety of options that may or may not be the right choice for protecting your home.

Installation Is Handled for You

One clear advantage of professional home security installation is that you leave the installation to someone else. Depending on the specific type of system you’re purchasing, that could save you a lot of difficult work. However, the advent of DIY wireless home security systems makes this less of an advantage than it used to be.

Customized to Your Home

Ideally, a security company will carefully evaluate your home, entry points, and specific threats to provide a custom solution. This can include many types of sensors that detect intrusion in different ways. However, not every company will go the extra mile to provide the best option and could instead stick you with a generic solution.

Less Flexibility

Once your home security system has been professionally installed, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to make any modifications on your own. Adding new sensors could mean having to redo most or all of the system. You probably won’t be able to pack it up and bring it with you if you move, either.

Increased Costs

When investing in a professional installation, you have to pay for both parts and labor. Depending on the size of your home and type of system, those costs can quickly spiral out of control. Your installation may be much more expensive than you initially expected, so make sure to get a clear and accurate quote if you’re still considering this option.

DIY Wireless Home Security Systems

Today, DIY wireless home security systems offer straightforward, versatile, and affordable solutions. You can take advantage of portable home security from tattletale and other unique products to achieve reliable security without professional installation.

Easier Than You Might Think

Installing your own home security system can be as easy as plugging in a single device. Take advantage of tattletale HOME™ to protect your main living area from intruders. Motion detection can cover your primary entryway and living space with just this one module. It features an alarm and notifications, with emergency contact available.

Affordable DIY Wireless Home Security Systems

You can also save more by choosing to go DIY. The overall equipment cost is much lower, and you can choose to build your system over time. As a result, you can install the main home security module and add additional sensors as time goes on. Avoid paying exorbitant professional labor fees by going with a system that takes just seconds to set up.

Exceptional Reliability

The DIY wireless home security systems created by tattletale are designed to meet the highest standards of reliability. Patented ambush-proof technology prevents intruders from thwarting the system even if they know what to expect. Battery backup, impact resistance, and more ensure that your system keeps running no matter what.

Additional Sensors Available

Are you looking to do more than just keep intruders out of your main living area? You can easily expand your tattletale system with additional sensors, such as:

Using these options, you can control different areas, as well as augment the overall security and safety of your home.

Convenient Access Through Dedicated Apps

You can always access your home’s security system using tattletale’s EDGE app. Know the status of your wireless home security system and receive automated alerts through Wi-Fi or text. This exclusive mobile app has been carefully developed to provide you with the highest level of visibility and control.

No Ongoing Contracts

One of the biggest downsides to professional home security systems is that they are often subscription-based. If they provide any notification or emergency contact capabilities, you probably have to pay every month. tattletale has no contracts at all. All our products and features are one-time purchases that have you set for life.

The Latest DIY Wireless Home Security Systems

Are you looking for an affordable, easy, and reliable home security solution? You can count on the DIY wireless home security systems and additional sensors provided by tattletale. Shop our full product line to find the right solution for your home today.

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