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Top 10 Job Site Security Challenges and How to Overcome Them

If you’re in charge of any job site, you likely have a lot on your plate. And one of the biggest challenges you face is job site security, as the industry presents more than its fair share of risks. However, you can use construction site security systems and other measures to overcome these challenges.

1. Maintaining Reliable Asset Tracking

Depending on your job site, you could have everything from highly valuable portable tools to large pieces of equipment ranging into the millions. Keeping track of those assets is essential for preventing theft and other losses.

For more expensive equipment, options such as portable trackers may be well worth the investment. On-site solutions like RFID trackers can at least make it easier to track where assets are and perform inventory checks.

2. Developing Security Checklists

Like any other part of operating a construction business, security requires the development of checklists and audits to ensure that everyone follows the plan. You don’t want key details being left by the wayside.

Creating those checklists requires carefully going through every task that needs to be completed. You’ll also want to put them into a usable format. Today, that could mean providing printed sheets or using an app or software to get the job done.

3. Access Management for Multiple Teams

Depending on your job site, you may have many subcontractors from multiple teams coming and going. This situation can make access management a nightmare, as anyone with a hard hat and vest looks like they fit right in.

To improve access management, you can go with tried and true solutions such as badges and tags. A digital check-in station at points of entry can ensure that strangers aren’t simply coming and going as they please.

4. Job Site Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can be a powerful tool to protect your job site. It serves as a deterrent and also provides evidence to follow up on incidences of theft or vandalism. However, surveillance isn’t always so easy to implement on your job site.

Without the ability to install permanent CCTV cameras, you’re going to need a wireless solution. There’s still the challenge of power as well, and connectivity over large sites can pose problems. That said, there are security cameras built specifically for this use.

5. Perimeter Control

You don’t want unauthorized people to have easy access to your job site during or after working hours. Controlling the perimeter can be an expensive undertaking, depending on the methods you use.

Traditional fencing can pose a high cost while also being ineffective for after-hours intrusion. You might also consider going with a wireless perimeter detection system. These solutions can create an invisible fence that will set off alarms when any intruders cross through it.

6. Mitigating Internal Theft

According to the National Equipment Register, theft on job sites in the U.S. adds up to more than $1 billion in losses for the construction industry each year. Unfortunately, a great percentage of that number comes from employees and subcontractors who already have access to your site.

Internal theft can be a considerable challenge to deal with. The best solution is to vet every hire carefully, but that isn’t always possible given high turnover rates. Having an active foreman presence can help provide further deterrence.

7. Cybersecurity for Your Business

There isn’t just physical theft to worry about when managing your project. There’s also the risk of cybersecurity. The physical computers and digital solutions you use contain sensitive data on your employees, subcontractors, vendors, and clients.

A data breach can pose a serious threat to the livelihood of your business. You need to make sure that you have the proper network protections in place, such as firewalls and antivirus software. Practicing proper password security is essential as well.

8. Job Site Security Lighting

Lighting is another straightforward way to deter any unauthorized access. A criminal is less likely to frequent a well-lit area, and installing adequate security lighting around the perimeter and throughout the site can keep intruders out.

Installing lighting across the entire job site could pose a major challenge in terms of equipment and power, however. To reduce that burden, focus on key areas that could use additional visibility. Cordless lights are also much more effective today.

9. Protecting Equipment Anywhere

You have many types of equipment throughout your job site, and it isn’t always a simple task to lock them down. However, certain security alarms can provide protection for any type of equipment.

This includes electronic wire locks that not only deter theft but also send a wireless signal if the cord or lock is damaged. You can also find sensors that detect any kind of motion and automatically trigger an alarm.

10. Finding a Construction Site Security System That Covers Your Entire Site

There are many portable security systems out there, but most of them fail to tackle the unique challenges of job site security. One of the biggest issues is that they simply don’t cover the required area.

However, you can find dedicated construction site security systems that solve this problem. With enough range and distributed sensors, they can trigger an alarm and send alerts for any intrusion for sites of essentially any size.

Put the Right Construction Site Security System to Work on Your Job Site

tattletale provides a state-of-the-art construction site security system that can cover job sites with up to a 2-mile halo of protection. Maintain security and implement fire and water detection at the same time. Contact our team today to get started.

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